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  1. All entries must be no longer than four minutes including titles credits etc.
  2. Submissions will be required to declare full copyright ownership of all content

    and responsible for any copyright infringements.

  3. Format – 1920x1080 SD, HD or 4K

  4. Genre – no restrictions

  5. Rating - General and Mature audiences. Entries will be disqualified for inappropriate content at the discretion of the judging panel.

  6. Completion date – Films must have been completed within 24 months of the festival date.

  7. Ringwood Movie Makers Inc. reserves the right to show and promote the film as it sees fit.

  8. Format - Submissions will be required to be submitted for judging via a link to an online platform ie vimeo, YouTube etc.

  9. Finalists – will be notified and required to upload their films [ Unchanged,
    as per their original submission ] to a cloud portal in either H264 or Mov format.


  10. On nomination of finalists or winners. no correspondence will be entered into

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